Pati’s Weekly Bite #10 – Nazare, Portugues Town Where the Magic Happens

Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens

The time came to go back to Lisbon, and I will stay there for the next two weeks. I’m on my way back from Nazare as I’m writing this and can’t help but thinking I could easily spend the rest of my life in Portugal.

As I woke up this morning and opened the patio door, I loved the feeling of being close to nature. I could hear the birds singing (really loud actually), surrounded by whitewashed houses rather than a busy road or a train station, and I knew that the beach is just 10 minutes walk have I fancied a morning dip. Water is freezing!!!! So not today 🙂

Nazare is a picture-perfect fishing town sat on Portugues Silver Cost four hours bus ride from Porto and one and a half hour from Lisbon. It has it all. Relaxed vibe, stunning beach, plenty of seafood restaurants and beach bars, as well as famous Praia do Norte – home to the largest waves in the world.

I spent a whole week here, although this town could be easily walked in one day. This was, however, a perfect opportunity for me to catch up on my writing, work on a new project and just relax in a peaceful setting.

Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens

Yesterday, though, I was gifted with the most incredible sunset. I am a sucker for a good sunset, but this was something out of this world!

Nazare is famous for its massive waves, especially amongst surfers. Unfortunately, as I’m here in May, the season for big waves is over, and during all my stay, the sea was calm and swim inviting rather than dramatic.

I felt a little disappointed, but it’s a gorgeous place nevertheless. I made peace with the fact that I won’t see the big waves and enjoyed my tranquil time in Nazare.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to walk to the lighthouse for some final photos of the viewpoint and the famous Praia do Nazare. You cannot see Praia do Nazare (the famous big waves beach) from Nazare town as it is hidden behind the viewpoint cliff, so it was a perfect excuse for a nice golden hour walk.

I took the Funicular, and as I got to the top, I took a walk around the old town of Sitio, which is sat on the top of the cliff. I started walking towards the viewpoint.

And then I saw it.

A sea with a character. A powerful personality!

Of course, those were not 30m waves, yet they were beautiful enough for me to stand there in complete awe. The waves were high enough to create so much splash that deep mist covered the whole length of the beach. The view was spectacular. It seemed like the entire beach is covered in misty fog with odd surfers fighting with the waves and a couple of photographers trying to catch the moment just like me.

Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens

Apart from this, the beach was empty.

No words or photographs can ever describe what my eyes have seen.

I took a walk down to the beach, nearly running as I couldn’t wait to come closer and take photos. I didn’t mind wet sand and my completely inappropriate footwear, which, as a result, got completely drenched. I felt like I’m stepping into a mysterious territory of sea and land that belongs to a different world.

Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens

I then climbed back up to the lighthouse for the sunset. I think I must have snapped around thousand of photos in one hour. I was so desperate to capture this moment.

Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens
Nazare, Portugues Town where Magic Happens

A guy with a drone standing next to me had exactly the same expression on his face. He must have noticed it in me as well:

‘This place is magical. It cant be expressed in no photos’

‘It’s beautiful. One must see it with their own eyes!’ I replied, and we stood there glaring at the sea which was dancing to the sound of the wind while the setting sun was colouring the sky with all shades of pink and orange.

This place is indeed magical. Thank you, Nazare!



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