Ronda, Spain - A Hidden Gem of Andalusia.
14 January 2021
There is no other town like this in Spain. Although you will find many charming whitewashed villages across the country, yet there is no other town that would combine a charm of the traditional Spanish...
Malta - a great solo travel destination. All you need to know plus 7 days budget itinerary.
05 December 2020
Malta is a great solo travel destination especially if you are just starting and want to dip your toes into the world of solo travel Many first-time solo travellers choose Europe as one of their...
Things to do and see in Katowice (Poland) / And why you should visit in the first place
13 October 2020
There are many reasons why you should visit Katowice on your next vacation to Poland. Underrated for decades, the city is not only becoming one of the coolest cities in Poland but also has a fascinating...
A New and Better Way to Visit Comino Malta
20 August 2020
Are you tired of crowded party cruises and looking for a better way to visit Comino in Malta? Do you want to go at the time which suits you best and come back at the sunset without rushing around? You...
Tarifa - the coolest town in Southern Spain, not only for kite surfers
13 July 2020
Tarifa, the most Southern located town in the Spanish region of Andalucia is well known amongst kite and windsurfers and it's actually called a ‘Wind Capital of Europe’. But there is so much more to do...
2 Days in Gozo Malta - Things to Do and See
01 June 2020
So you are planning to visit Malta soon? Great idea! Thinking to include a trip to Gozo? Even better! In this guide, I will give you all the ‘local’ tips but also all the good reasons why you should stay...
The Complete Guide to Best Beaches in Malta
01 May 2020
Malta, an archipelago country located in the central Mediterranean consists of three inhabited islands and is abundantly full of wonderful beaches and coastal walks. Due to its warm Mediterranean climate,...
Gibraltar - The Rock that offers more than you think
08 March 2020
Many guides and articles have been written on things to do and see in Gibraltar. But this one, I hope, will be a bit different. If you are asking yourself if Gibraltar is worth visiting, my answer is...
Rome - a relaxed guide to the Eternal City.
14 February 2020
What to do and see once all the staple sights were ticked off your list. Walking around Rome and trying to see all the magnificent sights can be exhausting. On my first visit to the eternal city,...
Malta off the beaten path
28 January 2020
Guide to secret, hidden spots you will hardly read about in the tourist guides. Some best enjoyed out of season. Here's for you Malta off the beaten path. ” THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY CONSISTS NOT...
How leaving my country changed my life
07 September 2020
Nearly 20 years ago I have left my home country and I never looked back. Was it my plan to leave and...
Why You too Should Climb that Mountain
07 April 2020
 “Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold...
Istanbul Express
03 February 2020
Story of an amateur traveller - how to try, fail, try again and always enjoy the journey. So one...
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