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 Hi, I’m Pati. A traveller, photographer, graphic designer and content creator. I am self-thought, and I aim to inspire other travellers, content creators and dreamers not to let circumstances, age or anything else stop them from fulfilling their dreams.

My content is authentic – I never write about places I haven’t visited, and I always tell the truth and don’t sugar coat. But I am a passionate traveller – totally in the world most of the time. I believe in a new way of travel and a new way of creating travel content. As so-called ‘influencers’ we have a responsibility to not only inspire but also educate and lead by example. I am also not shying away from looking deeper into how travel can change us and shape our perspective.

I left Poland at the age of 25 only to only see then what the world has to offer. I spent 13 years in the UK, then a few years in Spain and eventually, I landed in Malta. And now, 20 years later – I feel like I’m only starting.
I count memories – not the countries.

I am a photographer, and graphic designer, so feel free to contact me if you like my style and would like to work with me. My content is geared towards conscious and mindfully travellers. A lot of my text involves slow or long term travel but is it the majority of the time transferable to all styles of travel.

If you are a brand believing that my style would suit your product or location, I will be happy to hear from you.

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