Where to Stay in Sarajevo (Best Areas and Accommodation for all Budgets)

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

Wondering where to stay in Sarajevo? What things you should keep in mind when booking accommodation and what are the most epic hotels and hostels in Sarajevo? You came to the right place!

Sarajevo truly stole my heart. This interesting, culturally and historically rich town is a true hidden gem of Europe. Whatever you need from your city break, you will find it in Sarajevo. But first, you need to book your accommodation right?

Does it matter where your accommodation is located in Sarajevo?

It depends on whether you are staying for a couple of days or a week if you want to use public transportation, and if you definitely do not want to walk up the hill. Or if you don’t mind.

First, let me tell you a few things you should keep in mind when considering where to stay in Sarajevo.

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo
  • Sarajevo is located in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains. The farther your accommodation is from the centre, the higher the hill you will have to climb. If you want to avoid this, stick to areas near the river like Bascarsija, Bistrik, Skenderija or Marindvor.
  • But these hilly areas are not so bad, if not bad at all! You will be staying in a quieter residential neighbourhood with breathtaking views of Sarajevo. My favourite hilly neighbourhoods in Sarajevo are Kovačići, Bjelave and Vratnik.
  • Public transport in Sarajevo is extremely affordable and frequent but not intuitive to use. If you want to save some money in a city that is already quite affordable, stay a little away from the super-duper touristy areas.
  • Where to stay in Sarajevo on a budget? There are many excellent and affordable budget hostels located near the Old Town. The most notable are Balkan Han, Vagabond Hostel and Hostel Franz Ferdinand. If you are looking for a budget private room then look slightly outside of the old town towards the Bistrik, Marijin Dvor or Bjelave. 
Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

Is Sarajevo safe?

Sarajevo is very safe! I have stayed in a few areas around Sarajevo and walked around during the day and in the evening and never felt unsafe. I found Bosnia and Herzegovina generally very safe. So when booking accommodation in Sarajevo you dont need to worry about your safety. You can stay as close or as far to the town centre as you wish.

Of course, as in any city, you have to be mindful, responsible and follow basic safety rules. But this I hope goes without saying.

From my personal experience, I found Sarajevo to be one of the safest cities I have been to. 

Please be aware that although Sarajevo is safe and clear, outside of city limits there may still be landmines. That’s why is it only recommended to hike with a guide or strictly within the designated trails.

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Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo - Overview

If it’s your first time in Sarajevo, I bet you dont know many district names. Maybe apart from Bascarsija, home to the old town bazaar. 

So to make it super easy for you I will explain the best areas to stay in Sarajevo using the map. Then you can choose your desired area and book your accommodation there!

Once we have chosen your desired area, I will give you some Sarajevo accommodation recommendations too!

So let’s start!

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

The area I circled here includes areas in Sarajevo that are near the river and relatively flat.

If you have mobility issues or simply don’t like walking up the hill – you want to book your accommodation around there.

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

In this map, I circled the strict centre which includes Bascarsija and areas within a 5 to 10 minutes walk from the old town. 

If you are in Sarajevo only for a day or two, want to stay close to attractions as well as near the nightlife – this is where you want to stay. 


Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo
Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo
Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

The above Sarajevo area includes Bascarsija, Bistrik, and Skenderija. You will be close to Old Town, attractions like the Latin Bridge and City Town Hall and many museums.

It’s the liveliest part of Sarajevo yet the most touristy. But this is where the best hostels and hotels are located and where you will find great restaurants, cafes and bars!

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

If you have more than just a day in Sarajevo and truly want to explore and learn more about this city, I recommend you spend some time or book accommodation in the areas I circled on this map. Those areas to stay in Sarajevo maybe are a bit further from the Old Town but have a lot to offer and are worth considering!

1.  Circle number 1 includes areas like Bjelave, Džidžikovac or Vratnik. This is where you will find some great affordable hostels and homestays as well as great hotels but you need to be prepared to walk up the hill a bit. But it is oh so worth it! You will get quite yet lively area and incredible views over Sarajevo.

The walk is never too long! I stayed nearly on the top of that hill and it took me 10 minutes to walk down and 15 (hahaha) to walk up. I stayed there for a week and I got incredible value for money, just because not everyone is prepared to walk up there!

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

2. Circle number 2 is the whole area of Marindvor (Marijin Dvor) which is my favourite area st stay in Sarajevo. 

If you dont mind walking between 15 to 25 minutes or taking Sarajevo public transport, it is one of the best areas to stay in Sarajevo.

It is beautifully residential, with bars and restaurants catering for locals, so much more affordable and a wonderful river walk!

It is also very close to the actual city centre. Not the old town but the actual new town centre where you will find many shopping malls and supermarkets but also places like National Museum or Tito Bar!

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo
Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

3. Circle number 3 is the area around Kovačići which neighbours with circle number 2. It is slightly up the hill but very manageable. It is very residential and many embassies are located here. You will be able to get some real deals here when it comes to accommodation!

I stayed here for few days to save some money and at first I was worried that I am too far from the centre. To my relief, It wasn’t too far at all. If you like walking, it is only half an hour to the strict centre and if you don’t like walking,m you can take a trolley bus for 1.4BAM which runs very frequently and is a lot of fun!

Where to Stay in Sarajevo / Best Areas to Stay in Sarajevo

So now that you are familiar with the best areas in Sarajevo you are probably wondering what accommodation to book. No worries, I got you covered here as well!

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Where to stay in Sarajevo / Best accommodation

Best Hotels in Sarajevo / Where to stay in Sarajevo

Best Luxury/Boutique Hotels in Sarajevo near the Old Town


Hotel Sana is one of the most popular hotels located in the old town and for a good reason. It’s a great modern yet cosy hotel boasting a terrace and views of the city and an excellent breakfast included. 

Hotel Colors Inn is another excellent choice if you are looking for a modern hotel near the Old Town of Sarajevo. Offering excellent facilities and delicious breakfast, it’s one of the best hotels in this part of Sarajevo.

If you are looking for something unique to stay in Sarajevo İsa Begov Hamam Hotel is worth considering! Based in an old hamam it offers modern facilities with a traditional twist. The spa can be used free of charge by guests. Massages can be booked for an additional fee.

Both Old Town Hotel, as well as Hotel VIP, are definitely considering as well!



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Best Budget Hotels and Rooms near Sarajevo Old Town


If you are looking for an affordable private room near the Sarajevo tourist centre you could consider staying in one f the homestays where you could get a great private room for a very affordable price. 

Guesthouse Nina offers incredible value for money and so does Sarajevo Rooms.

You could also look to rent a small apartment or studio like Apartman Ohren or Apartman Amaya.

If you are looking for a cheap hotel room, Hotel Lula is a very charming hotel in a traditional building and Hotel Garni Konak is also a lovely hostel in an unbeatable location. 

Best Hotels Outside of Sarajevo City Center


The 5-star Swissotel Sarajevo is one of the best hotels in Sarajevo located in the great area of Marijin Dvor.  Every luxury you might need is there including an indoor pool, fitness centre, conference centre and included breakfast.

If you are looking to stay outside of the city and near nature, in a great hotel with a spa included – then look no further than Pino Nature Hotel. It’s also a great place to stay in Sarajevo for families!

If you are looking for a budget stay and don’t mind staying slightly outside of the city, this Cozy room with a balcony is an excellent value (where I stayed) and so is this apartment in Little House (on the hill however). 

Best Hostels in Sarajevo / Where to stay in Sarajevo on a budget

There is a very impressive hostel scene in Sarajevo.

There are few hostels in Sarajevo that are an ultimate go-to for price and social vibe.

Hostel Franz Ferdinand is most famous for the latter. Although not the cheapest in town, definitely the most social.

For the sweet balance between price and a good vibe, you should definitely consider Hostel Vagabond and Balkan Han.

I have a separate article on the best hostels in Sarajevo!


I hope this guide to the best areas to stay in Sarajevo helped you and you have a better view of the city. Sarajevo is an incredible place definitely worth visiting and I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

Now that you know where to stay in Sarajevo, go out there and explore!

Happy Travels!


Exploring more of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Be sure to stop by the wonderful town of Jajce! And the town of Trebinje will definitely surprise you!

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If you prefer to pay directly with the local operator, be prepared to pay in cash. To check the timetable BusTicket4.me is the most reliable. But I still recommend only using it for checking the times and purchasing the ticket at the bus station.

In the majority of Balkan countries, you will pay a 1€ (or equivalent in local currency) fee for luggage.

The bus is the best way to travel between Balkan countries but there are a couple of stunning train routes you cannot miss like Sarajevo to Mostar or Belgrade to Bar!

If you are considering renting a car you can browse all rental companies via Expedia!

Always, always triple-check the information you were given, especially when it comes to inter-city travel. Only because one person, in one place says there are no busses, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Triple check.

Only Slovenia and Croatia are within the Schengen Area so individual visa rules will apply. In 2024 we will also see Romania and Bulgaria joining Schengen Area.

Only Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Croatia use Euros. All other countries use their own currency. In some touristy spots, you will be able to use Euros but dont take it for granted. You will pay for a coffee pot from a souvenir stand in Mostar in Euros, but the supermarket will ask for Bosnian Marks. 

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