Weekly Bite # 22- A Cherry on Top!

Weekly Bite - A Cherry on Top!

I tried to look back at the person that quit her job nearly ten months ago.


Wind back…

I look at the person that attempted the Thailand trip at the beginning of 2020. With the yellow suitcase and additional large backpack.

What was I thinking? (*facepalm). But sparkle was ignited.

Then, a year later, this person quit her job and decided she would try and make her dreams come true.

The dreams of travel, of freedom, of exploring the world and unknown corners of herself. The dream of building a blog and creating financial freedom. Of being location independent.

She knew there was no point in waiting any longer.

And I’m looking at that person now.

She learnt so much. She is a totally different traveller! A very different person!

She learnt how to manage her money although she still spends too much of it on having a good time lol How she learnt to understand fear. Because fear is often there, but now she knows it’s created by the mind, and the longer she dwells on it, the harder it is to overcome.

She learnt to be brave. To trust her gut instinct. And to look for the best in people. It always pays out. All the people she met were terrific. She was only greeted with kindness.

How she learnt that common knowledge about places is most of the time not true.

How having little can make you free and having loads can imprison you.

How she is ok with having just three pairs of shoes.

She learnt that the world and life is a miracle that cannot be taken for granted. That friendship keeps you alive, and time and distance don’t matter when it comes to loving people.

She now knows that we are all the same. Looking for the same things – just with different wounds.

She also learnt to forgive herself, be proud of what she achieved and understand that the only limitations are those she imposed on herself.

That she can go from being afraid of motorcycles to loving them and thinking of getting one herself. Because when you are scared of something, it’s because you trained your mind to do that. So you can untrain it.

She also learnt that things take time, and it’s fine to stop, regroup, and sometimes come back. The Universe has got her back!

She learnt to look at the surroundings as a reflection of her inner well-being. The events, people, circumstances, it’s not a coincidence. We create it by out-thoughts and emotions. She learnt to use it as guidance rather than judgment.

Most of all, she learnt that if you find what you love, if you find your place even if it’s 100 places at once – it’s been worth searching and worth taking the risk.

Weekly Bite - A Cherry on Top!
March 2021 / Funchal, Madeira
Weekly Bite - A Cherry on Top!
November 2021 / Cancun, Mexico

It’s been the most exhilarating ten months of my life. And only by chance I ended up in Mexico to wrap up my travels. It wasn’t the plan. But what an incredible ending. The cherry on top.

I must say I didn’t want to like Cancun. But as I stepped on that beach… I felt overwhelmed! I have never seen sand this white and sea so blue. Never in my entire life! I felt so emotional I started crying like a baby!

I looked around the people on the beach, searching for the same emotion on their faces. Everyone must be feeling the same way! It’s impossible to stay emotionless in front of this miracle!

Weekly Bite - A Cherry on Top!
Weekly Bite - A Cherry on Top!

Of course, I could have come here on holiday. Come and visit for a couple of weeks as most people do. But because of everything that happened in the last ten months, it really felt like a cherry on top! The perfect finale. I don’t think I would appreciate the beauty of this place if it wasn’t for the road that took me here.

All the places I visited, beaches, mountains, hikes, all the incredible people, fears, anxieties, happiness, moments of awe, all the boat tours’, crazy moto-taxis, empanadas, patacones and tacos, hurting muscles and uplifted heart, sunsets and sunrises, hellos and good buys, drinking tequila with girls and even finding a romance.

All of it is a massive coconut and chocolate cake topped up by this moment on the beach. When I sat on the whitest sand, opened my lime and cucumber tequila drink I bought in Chedraui supermarket, smoked a cigarette and cried like my life was about to end. Like there was nothing more incredible that could possibly happen.

Travel leaves me in constant awe. What an incredible way to live!

I’ll be back. I’ll be back Mexico! I’ll be back to you travel, my love!

Weekly Bite - A Cherry on Top! Weekly Bite - A Cherry on Top!

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