Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest

This is your best backpacker’s guide to visiting Budapest on a budget. Accommodation, food, transport and things to do in Budapest for budget-savvy travellers.

Budapest was the starting point of the second leg of my long-term travel, and when I embarked on this journey, I was on a very tight budget. I was very surprised to learn that Budapest is not as affordable as many travellers make it out to be.

That could be due to a combination of factors, and it probably is. The recent crazy recession, the war and the increase in gas and electricity prices, and other factors most likely contributed to current prices. But Budapest was one of the most expensive European cities I have visited around this part of Europe.

But the truth is that you can make a city break as cheap or as expensive as you want and you can visit Budapest on a budget.

Some things can not be changed, such as accommodation prices, entrance fees, or the cost of food. But there is always something you can do to reduce the cost and at the same time make the trip enjoyable and exciting. And I am here to tell you how!

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most expensive cities in the Central and Eastern Europe region. It is still cheaper than cities like Prague or Bratislava, but it is far ahead of cities like Krakow, Sarajevo or Sofia.

​Of course, If you compare Budapest with places like Paris, London, Dublin or Amsterdam, it’s of course much more affordable. But if you’re a budget traveller, you’ll be surprised how expensive things can be in Budapest.

You will hardly find a dorm bed in a well-rated hostel for less than 20 €. This is quite excessive for most budget backpackers. There are a few hostels that charge around €15 per night, but they get booked up quickly. Therefore, be sure to book your hostel room well in advance to save money.

If you’re looking for a private room, things can get pretty steep too. The cheapest private room I found was €37 (just outside the city centre) and €43 in the city centre. For a comfortable room in a hotel or Airbnb-style apartment for one person, you need to budget around €50 per night.

Of course, things look cheaper if you share a room with a couple of friends. For a solo traveller, accommodation is usually more expensive. And if you’re travelling outside the summer season, prices should come down as well.


Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

After a little research, you can find local restaurants where you can eat well for anything between€5 to €8, but those are few and far between. Most of the time you pay €12 or more ( excluding drinks). Take some time to look for good deals.

Only after 2 days in the city did I find a few affordable places, like the Greek fast food joint where you can get gyros for €4, or a Hungarian restaurant near the parliament offering a 50% discount for half an hour every evening. So if you do it right and plan your trip you can definitely visit Budapest on a budget.

Recommended daily budget for travelling in Budapest

Shoestring backpacker – €30 / $32

If you stay in the cheapest hostels booked well in advance, take a couple of tram or metro rides per day and mostly cook in the hostel or grab cheap street food. You won’t have any drinks, maybe a beer bought in the supermarket. You will enjoy only the free things to do in Budapest.

A moderate backpacker – €50 / $53

You stay in some of the best hostels in the city centre (dorm), have a nice meal out in the town once per day but cook breakfast in the hostel, and enjoy a beer or two. One museum entrance fee and daily transport pass.

A budget-minded traveller with a comfortable budget – €80

You will stay in a private room or Airbnb, eat a meal or 2 out in the town, and enjoy a glass of wine or Aperol Spritz (or two) in the evening. You will spend money on the museum entrance when you feel like it and pay for a daily public transport pass. 


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How Many days in Budapest

Budapest is a very large city with an infinite number of things to do and places to see. Although some sights can be walked to, in order to visit more than just a few of them, you might spend some time walking or travelling by tram or metro.

For this reason, I do not recommend visiting Budapest for just one day. If you want to see a few staple sights such as the Parliament, Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion, as well as further located landmarks like Heros Square or enjoy the vibrant Jewish Quarter, you should stay in Budapest for at least two days.

The optimal time to spend in Budapest in order to really experience what the city has to offer is two or 3 nights, giving you a full day or two without rushing to catch your flight or bus to your next destination.

I spent 4 days in the city and it was just perfect. I spent the first couple of days finding my way around the city, understanding the public system, grasping the size of the city, getting lost a few times and of course visiting the most important Budapest

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

How to Travel Around Budapest on a budget

It’s both extremely easy and affordable to travel around Budapest. If you are located near the centre, you can reach many sights on foot. But if you have a day full packed of sightseeing ahead of you, can take advantage of Budapest’s excellent public transport.

The best public transport in Budapest is the metro and the tram. There are 4 metro lines that take you to all kinds of sights and destinations, including two main bus stations. Here is the link to the Budapest metro map.

The tram is also a great way to get to places and enjoy the views at the same time. Tram No. 2 is so good that I took it twice! The other two recommended trams lines are 47 and 49.

The same tickets are valid for both trams and the metro. You can buy them from the ticket machines at the tram stops and metro stations. If you want to spread your journeys over several days but know for sure that you’ll make at least 10 journeys, buy a block of ten (3500HUF) and save a few HUFs (pun intended).

But the tickets are so affordable that even if you only want to make a few trips, you only pay 350HUF per trip. You can simply buy them as you go. 

It doesn’t matter how far you go, you pay per entry to the metro or tram.

Remember to validate the ticket! There is a validating machine at every metro station, right in front of the escalator. On the tram, simply insert the ticket into the validating machine.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Where to stay in Budapest on a Budget

Where you stay in Budapest will make a big difference to both your budget and experience.

If you are a solo traveller on a budget and want to save a few coins, a hostel is the best bet. Alternatively, you can book a private room slightly outside the centre and take advantage of the public system.

Hostels in Budapest range from excellent to ‘so, so’ – like everywhere else. For an excellent hostel in the city centre, expect to pay around €24 per night. I also recommend booking well in advance if you’re travelling in high season – May to September. I booked my hostel too late and only found the ‘so-so’ hostel in my price range.

My advice is that if you look to book a room outside of the city centre, check if there is a metro or tram stop nearby. If there is one, you will be just fine. 

Yet again, 

The best and most recommended hostels in the city include Onefam Budapest by Hostel One (a legend among European hostel chains), NETIZEN Budapest Centre (with a great coworking area), MEININGER Budapest Great Market Hall (unbeatable location) and finally Flow Spaces offering the best value for money. 

For an alternative stay, you should check out Shantee House which is more of a zen type of stay – super cool though! Island Hostel Budapest is located on Margaret Island – away from city noise yet close to the centre!

For a private room in the centre check out Urban Rooms which offers an interesting concept. It’s almost like a hostel with mini private rooms and everything that a hostel should offer including a shared kitchen. Right in the centre. 

While my sister was with me (for the first couple of days) we booked this BpR Turquoise Simplicity Apartment and it was excellent. Enough space for two, with additional bed on the entresol, great kitchen and plenty of space. We loved the area as well!

Outside of the city centre Fig Tree House offers nice, cosy rooms with bathrooms and Hermina Apartmanház offers real value for money and is only located 10  minutes walk from the yellow line metro station. 

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Free and affordable things to do in Budapest

Buda castle

It goes without saying that Buda Castle, together with the Parliament Building, is the most important landmark in Budapest. And the good news is that you can visit most of its grounds for free.

You do have to pay a fee to enter the museum, but you can stroll through the gardens of Buda Castle and the surrounding grounds totally for free. This is one of the best free things to do in Budapest!

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Streets of Castle Hill

After you’ve explored Buda Castle, take a walk down the street of Castle Hill District. You will inevitably discover this historic district as you make your way to our next great landmark (Fisherman’s Bastion mentioned in the next paragraph)

You’ll feel as if you’ve entered a completely different Budapest. Allow yourself to get lost around the district or walk towards the statue of Szatmáry Károly or The House of Houdini

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Fisherman's Bastion and The Matthias Church

It’s a place that will take your breath away. Guaranteed!

The enchanting Fisherman’s Bastion is a fairytale-like structure built between 1895 and 1902. It offers the best panoramic views of the city, including the Parliament and the Danube River. It’s one of the most famous photo spots in Budapest.

Wandering around the main area of the Fisherman’s Bastion is totally free, but if you want to go up to the upper towers, you have to pay an entrance fee. But the view from the free section is just as breathtaking, so unless you have money to spare or are particularly keen, you can safely skip it.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Next to the bastion stands the magnificent Matthias Church, a true architectural gem. It’s indeed one of the most unique churches in Europe. Dating back to 1015, it has played various roles throughout history, serving as a coronation church, as a mosque during Ottoman rule and now thriving as a vibrant Catholic church and tourist attraction.

Again you will have to pay an entrance fee to see the church from the inside (2500HUF) but this time it is really worth it.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.
Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

The Hungarian Parliament Building

Budapest’s most iconic landmark, which makes it onto almost every postcard, is here, right before your eyes, bigger and taller than you imagined.

There are many ways to admire this magnificent building – and all of them are free.

You can see it from across the river and take great panoramic pictures, or you can admire it up close. Oh, you can also see it from the tram nb 2, but be sure you actually get off!

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

One of my favourite ways to discover a town on a budget is by joining a free walking tour whenever I first arrive. I can learn the history of the town, discover places that maybe I wouldn’t be able to find on my own and often meet other travellers in the process. If I have any burning questions about the location or safety – I always ask those questions to the tour guide. I highly recommend it!

Please note that those tours are free to join but given the tour often offers extreme value it is customary to leave a tip at the end of the tour. I always research what is the typical tip for a free walking tour in my current location. 

Shoes on the Danube Bank

Although I knew what type of monument I was about to see, it still took me aback, and I had to hide my face as I felt the tears in my eyes.

Seeing it is one of the most important free things to do in Budapest.

Shoes on the Danube is a unique and moving memorial located on the banks of the Danube River, from the Parliament side. You’ll see a row of 60 shoes, of all different kinds and sizes, lined up along the river’s edge.
The monument was created in order to honour the Jews who were massacred by fascist Hungarian militia in Budapest during World War II.

They were taken to the edge of the river, ordered to take off their shoes (as shoes were valuable during the war), and then shot, so their bodies would fall into the water and be carried away.

People visit the memorial to pay their respects, reflect on the past, and honour the memory of the victims. You will find candles lit and flowers left by some visitors.

It’s a somber sight, but an important one.

Budapest bridges / also at night

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

In the centre of Budapest, there are 4 main bridges spanning across the Danube River, connecting Buda and Pest, and are beautifully illuminated at night. It’s worth crossing them all, as they all have different architectural designs.

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is the oldest and most iconic. It’s currently being renovated (June 2023) so unfortunately cannot be crossed.

However, I managed to cross Liberty Bridge about 3 times. This is the bridge that leads to Gellert Hill and offers a breathtaking view at night. If you are lucky, you can see people sitting and relaxing on the bridge or even having a drink in the evening.

The Erzsébet Bridge is a more modern bridge, completed in 1964, but just as impressive. Crossing it’ll make you dizzy.

Finally, the Margit Bridge is a restored 19th-century bridge that is the gateway to Margaret Island.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

The Central Market Hall

Keep in mind, shopping here isn’t cheap. But walking around is free and, according to some travellers, is even one of the best free things to do in Budapest.

The Central Market Hall is the largest and oldest indoor market hall in Budapest. It’s located in an impressive, historic building and is a real feast for all the senses.

But be careful, because it is a bit of a tourist trap. The restaurants located on the top antresole offer traditional dishes like langos or goulash at extortionate prices. The fully loaded langos can cost 7000 HUF here, while you can find one for 2000 HUF in the city. The food is kind of mass-produced anyway and you eat among hundreds of other tourists. What’s authentic about that?

I say this from experience. Unfortunately, I fell victim to this trap when I was there on my first day in Budapest. Don’t be like me.

But the market is wonderful to walk around. And if you look long enough, you’ll find some gems. I found a little corner shop where you could buy spices by weight. So I picked some sweet and smoked paprika and some Georgian spices as well. This was a good find!

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Climb Gellért Hill / Best Free things to do in Budapest

It is hard to miss this Budapest landmark. Inevitable as you come closer to the river you will notice this beautiful green hill with the Liberty Staue atop it. It rises 235 meters (771 feet) above the Danube River but walking up is a true pleasure. It’s green and peaceful and the views are to die for. 

The entrance to the path is in front of the Liberty Bridge and you can choose one of many winding paths up. Apart from the Liberty Statue, at the top, you will also find the Citadel, a fortress built by the Habsburgs in the mid-19th century. 

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

The Jewish Quarter

When you’re done sightseeing and want to grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink, head to the Jewish Quarter, a vibrant and historic neighbourhood full of wonderful surprises!

But before you get comfortable, take a look at the stunning Dohany Synagogue, also known as the Great Synagogue or the Tabakgasse Synagogue. It’s a major landmark and one of the largest synagogues in the world. It is truly beautiful!

There are couple more synagogues worth mentioning, such as the small but charming Kazinczy Street Synagogue or Rumbach Street Synagogue

If you want to discover even more, you should visit the Jewish Museum, located in the synagogue complex on Dohány Street, which shows the rich history, culture and tradition of Hungarian Jews.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Ok, now it’s time for fun!

The Jewish Quarter is delightful. Full of nooks and crannies, small souvenir markets, street food, restaurants and bars. Here you’ll also find the famous ruin bar Szimpla Kert. It’s an awesome spot for drinks and photos but drinks here will be a bit pricy. 

A few steps further you’ll find the Karavan, a street food paradise! It’s colourful, busy and full of delicious food and drinks. The prices can be quite reasonable. I had a very tasty quesadilla there! I loved this place!

There is also a great market called Gozsdu Udvar Market, or rather a vibrant complex of courtyards. I discovered it by accident, I didn’t even know it existed! You must visit it if you’re in the area between Thursday and Sunday. Thank me later!

There are many great restaurants, cafes and bars spread around the district and it really comes alive in the evening hours too!

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.
Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Heros Square, Budapest City Park and the Vajdahunyad Castle

A visit to Heroes’ Square could be a trip that keeps on giving so dedicate a whole afternoon or morning to do it. Here’s why!

First, take the yellow M1 metro line, which is in fact the oldest electrified metro in continental Europe and the second oldest in the world after London’s Metropolitan Railway.

It’s known for its architectural charm and unique design elements, including small wooden ticket shops on each platform.

Again I actually wasn’t aware of this until I sat in one of the small and oddly designed train carriages. After doing some research, it all made sense. The stations are so cute that just taking a ride to Heroes Square is an adventure in itself.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Another great way to get to Heroes’ Square is to walk along Andrássy Avenue.

Andrássy Avenue is a grand boulevard adorned with neo-Renaissance buildings housing luxury shops, cafés, theatres and embassies that was supposed to be Budapest’s answer to the Champs Elisais.

On your way, you’ll pass the Hungarian State Opera House, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and the famous House of Terror Museum.

And of course, the culminating point will be Heros Square.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Budapest’s Heroes’ Square is a grand plaza with great historical and cultural significance that forms the entrance to the City Park. Visiting this area is one of the best free things to do in Budapest!

In the centre of Heroes’ Square stands the Millennium Monument, adorned with statues and columns. The monument pays tribute to Hungary’s most important historical figures and marks the country’s thousand-year history.

Behind the monument, you will find the entrance to the City Park. It’s a wonderful park offering a wealth of attractions and recreational opportunities, but its real jewel is Vajdahunyad Castle.

Everyone comes to visit Buda Castle, but this little gem is a little hidden fairytale oasis.

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.
Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

Margaret Island and the Musical Fountain

It took me three days to get there. It was always somehow out of the way and to be honest, if you’re only in Budapest for a couple of days, you probably won’t make it there.

But if you are staying in the city a bit longer and want to spend some time in nature, maybe take scenic walks and of course see the Musical Fountain – make your way to Margaret Island.

The musical fountain is located at the entrance to the island and combines water, lights, and music to create a delightful spectacle. It’s best to see it at night.

I was there in the afternoon and it was lovely to sit by its edges, dip my tired feet in cold water (it’s allowed and many people do that), and watch the water spectacle accompanied by some pretty cool tunes.

Be sure to arrive at the right time. The music plays 5 times a day – at 10.30 am, 5 pm, 6 pm, 7.30 pm and 9 pm. 

You can also pop in after seeing the Parliament as it’s only a couple of tram stops away. It’s a wonderful thing to do in Budapest on a budget. 

Deak Ferenc square / Budapest on a budget

Finally, a square that hardly makes it into Budapest guides, but I would like to include it here.

Deák Ferenc Square is actually a major intersection and transport hub where many metro lines cross and the famous tram lines 47 and 49 end their routes.

But the square itself is also very interesting. It is very lively and packed with attractions.

Although the square is most popular with young people who hang out there until late at night, there is plenty to do for visitors of all ages.

There are plenty of food stalls, bars and open-air restaurants, plenty of space for a picnic, and even a small toe-dipping pool of sorts. Wonderful on a hot day!

You’ll also find the ‘Budapest Eye’ here. Like the London Eye, only smaller. You have probably seen the top of it a few times and wondered where the thing actually is.
It’s actually called the Ferris Wheel of Budapest and a ride on it will reward you with a spectacular view of Budapest.

The Deak Ferec Street is supposed to be a Fashion Street of Budapest so check that out too!

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.
Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

How to eaat, drink and have fun in Budapest on a budget

There are a few iconic culinary landmarks in Budapest that every traveller should visit. If only for the experience.

  • Budapest is famous for its ruin bars, and Szimpla Kert in the Jewish Quarter is the most famous of them. Stop by for a few photos and maybe a drink, if the prices do not scare you too much. It’s still a feast for the eyes.
  • If you fancy a more affordable drink, head to the other side of Rákóczi Street. The Craft Head has good craft beers, as well as good red wine and affordable Aperol Spritz. Go deeper into this lovely neighbourhood and visit the even more affordable Charbon Art Café. My sister and I liked it so much we went twice. Be sure to try the crafty cherry beer!

This whole area is a gem for cafes, bars and affordable restaurants like Apricot Coffee, Apricot Coffee or Scusi Focacceria.

  • The For Sale Pub is truly iconic and I really liked it. The walls and ceilings are covered with a variety of banknotes, business cards, stickers and various trinkets left behind by visitors from all over the worldThe beer is reasonably priced and the food places are very generous.
Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.


  • For traditional, delicious and very affordable food you need to visit Ildikó Konyhája restaurant at the foot of Buda Castle. We found it as we wandered around the area, hungry and tired of walking in the heat and it charmed us, fed us and stayed in our memory. It’s a very traditional, family-run restaurant serving hearty dishes at the best price in Budapest. Please eat there if you can!

The waiter (most likely the owner) spoke to us in Polish and they had a Polish menu too! But after I read the reviews I learned that he also speaks to his customers in Spanish, English and who knows what other languages. Go there he might be speaking yours!

Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.
  • If you are around Parliament and looking for an incredible local bargain head over to Lecso Hungarian Restaurant (just 2 tram stops away). It’s a traditional restaurant which until 7 pm it works as a bistro, after 7 pm as a restaurant.
  • To the other side of the Parliament Building, you will find Tulipano Restaurant where I enjoyed a very reasonably priced and well-deserved Aperol Spritz. The menu looked great and a couple of people seating next to me loved their food hence my recommendation.
  • Karavan – go there for the best street food in Budapest. You will find everything from Hungarian goulash to Mexican quesadillas and mojitos. Prices vary so you will find something for yourself. Great vibe too!
  • Other recommended restaurants in Budapest on a budget are Drum Cafe, Frici Papa, Duran Szendvics (awesome mini sandwiches!), Papitos (for awesome Mexican food) and of course the iconic Bors Gasztro Bar and its delicious cup soups and sandwiches!
Complete Guide to Visiting Budapest on a Budget / Free Things to Do in Budapest.

The bottom line

I had an awesome time in Budapest and cannot recommend visiting the town enough! And even though I visited Budapest on a strict budget I managed to see the majority of the attractions and have some delicious food and a couple of drinks too!

There is a plethora of free things to do in Budapest and if only you choose wisely your accommodation and dining option, you will have a great time and save some money too!

Let me know what you think! Did I miss something important? Do you have additional questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Until then, happy travels!


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