Pati's weekly bite

Weekly Bite #12 - Don't listen to what they say. Go see!
08 June 2021
  It was my dream for years. South America has had a very special appeal for me. For a European citizen that so far travelled solo only within the EU, this trip was not only a dream come true but also,...
Pati's Weekly Bite #11 - Bienvenido a Colombia
25 May 2021
I arrived in Bogota, Colombia. Completely surreal. Suddenly I found myself on the other side of the world, where the sky looks different, water flashes in other direction, and peoples' day to day reality...
Pati's Weekly Bite #10 - Nazare, Portugues Town Where the Magic Happens
09 May 2021
The time came to go back to Lisbon, and I will stay there for the next two weeks. I'm on my way back from Nazare as I'm writing this and can't help but thinking I could easily spend the rest of my...
Pati's Weekly Bite #9 - Saudade - My Affair with Lisbon
28 April 2021
The first ten days of my Portuguese trip I spent in Lisbon. I arrived with very high expectations. I was dreaming about visiting the city for years. So while I was very sad to leave Madeira, I...
Pati's Weekly Bite #8 - My Time in Madeira / A Photo Journey
20 April 2021
The next day after I left Madeira, I instantly felt homesick for this incredible island. To the point that I didn’t even want to like Lisbon - my next destination. I failed there as well as after over...
Pati's Weekly Bite 6 - Hike from Pico Aireiro to Pico Ruivo - How Cristiano Ronaldo saved my life!
11 April 2021
This was the ultimate goal. Hiking Pico to Pico (famous hike from Pico Aireiro to Pico Ruivo) towards the end of my stay in Madeira. I wanted to do as many hikes as possible beforehand, as I have...
Pati's Weekly bite 5 - Story of Madeira Pirate Attacks
07 April 2021
Anywhere I went in Madeira, I heard endless stories about how vulnerable the Island used to be to pirate attacks. I found it fascinating, so I decided to do a little research. Here is what I found about...
Pati's Weekly Bite 4 - Things don't always go as planned
28 March 2021
I am sat at the kitchen table, with the only light coming from the laptop and a candle on the table. Outside, the village of Santana is covered in thick cloud and complete darkness. When I go outside...
Pati's Weekly Bite 3 - The Way We Live
22 March 2021
I am utterly in love with Madeira and its glorious nature. I have spent years living in towns and cities. I was also lucky to live close to nature and travel to more remote parts of the world where you...
Pati's Weekly Bite 2 - This thing got real!
14 March 2021
This week after I repacked my bag for the millionth time and moved to a new location, it really sunk in. I am a full-time traveller now. And with that comes the biggest challenge of all - packing,...
Pati's Weekly Bite - Week 1 / Back to the drawing board
07 March 2021
This morning I woke up early and walked out of my room to the terrace to check the weather. (No, it's not a posh room with a patio, its a hostel room that luckily is attached to a long shared terrace...
When life gets in the way of living your best life
14 September 2020
Life gets in the way. We say. I have to work long hours, do those chores, meet up with friends, take care of my family. I need time for myself also. Netflix is calling, I will just sit with a glass of...
Books that change lives - Richard Bach “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”
02 August 2020
‘Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all - young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current...
Malta's Fireworks - The Celebration of Life
07 July 2020
Malta's Fireworks - the way I see it - is the celebration of life very unique to the Maltese nation and character of its people. Last week on Monday the 1st of July Malta officially opened its airport...
What's the story behind Ego
29 June 2020
Hey, thanks for stopping by to my Weekly Bite page 🙂 This is officially the first post in this series so let me explain the reason behind it first. Recently I was told by one of my friends that...
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