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6 Inspirational Podcasts to Follow if You Want to Change the Way you Think
15 December 2020
Looking for inspirational podcasts that will help you change the way you think? You came to the right place as I have a few gems for you. There are many ways to get and stay motivated to build...
Embracing the Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi - The Art of Life
09 November 2020
Japanese art and philosophy produced many amazing cultural concepts based on the beauty of imperfection and insufficiency. With Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi as its physical display, being the most prominent....
36 Surprising and Strange Travel Fun Facts that You Most Likely Never Heard of
23 October 2020
Travel can not only be exciting but also surprising. So here are some of the most surprising and funny travel fun facts I could find. I like my fun facts. And when it comes to travel and discovering...
On my way to live and travel like a minimalist - from a true hoarder
03 October 2020
I hardly hold on to ‘stuff’ for longer than a couple of years. And these days I am not only gradually minimizing the number of objects I surround myself with but I'm also trying really hard to reduce...
When life gets in the way of living your best life
14 September 2020
Life gets in the way. We say. I have to work long hours, do those chores, meet up with friends, take care of my family. I need time for myself also. Netflix is calling, I will just sit with a glass of...
I launched a travel blog and then came the pandemic
10 August 2020
I started a travel blog and then came the pandemic. The limits that were imposed on my life, opened a new door and expanded possibilities for growth and discovery. In January 2020 I launched my travel...
Books that change lives - Richard Bach “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”
02 August 2020
‘Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all - young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current...
Pursuing your dreams can get lonely but don’t give up!
26 July 2020
Before you can start living your dream - you have to work for it. A lot. Gain new skills, explore areas you never thought you will have to, learn a lot, practice and make mistakes. And sometime,s pursuing...
Nothing grows in a place called the comfort zone
17 July 2020
I felt slightly uninspired this week. I made a commitment to write one of these posts every week, yet the last thing I wanted to do was to force it. Those are meant to be my true, lived stories or thoughts...
Malta's Fireworks - The Celebration of Life
07 July 2020
Malta's Fireworks - the way I see it - is the celebration of life very unique to the Maltese nation and character of its people. Last week on Monday the 1st of July Malta officially opened its airport...
What's the story behind Ego
29 June 2020
Hey, thanks for stopping by to my Weekly Bite page 🙂 This is officially the first post in this series so let me explain the reason behind it first. Recently I was told by one of my friends that...
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