Pati’s Weekly Bite # 17 – My thoughts on Medellin and What’s Next


I remember when I arrived in Lisbon after roaming Madeira for six weeks. I hated it. I was homesick for the mountains, waterfalls and Poncha. I still miss Poncha lol

I eventually fell in love with Lisbon. How could I not?

I am in a very similar state right now. With the difference that I don’t hate Medellin. It is actually a really great city. I would say that if anyone would like the quality of life they have in London just in a sunnier, more relaxed and cheaper place – Medellin is the town!

There is a lot to love about Medellin. How its face changed in the last 20 years and how it became one of the world’s most modern and vibrant cities. Its digital nomad scene, an array of cultural events, restaurants, museums and majestic mountains surrounding the city. The Comuna 13 history, tours and how incredibly vibrant and interesting this place became. There is really a lot to love about Medellin. And I’m sure there is much more that I have just mentioned.


Yet, I am sad. As I watch my tan fading away and I finally washed all the sand off my clothes and backpack – I crave the cold showers, beachfront hostel with no walls, falling asleep to the sound of the sea and even the mosquitoes.

I keep walking barefoot around the hotel like a crazy hippie. And I have dreams about the beach every night! Seriously!

During my first few days in Medellin, I have stayed in the El Poblado district. It is said that it’s a tourist and backpackers centre, yet it has nothing to do with the backpacking scene as I know and understand it. It’s just full of short term visitors from certain countries coming to Medellin looking for a couple of very certain things. I will not be able to be specific here, but I think you can guess.

Although I have met a couple of friends that if I first met in Santa Marta and we managed to share a very naughty bottle of rum, I was very happy to leave the area.

Laureles is an entirely different story. It’s lovely, green, civilised and full of ex-pats and locals alike. Yet, it is too civilised for me. I am missing street food, loud music and simple roadside restaurants of the Caribe coast. However, I am a bit torn here because the coffee shop I found yesterday was awesome!

I went exploring the town, and as I entered the areas of Centro Historico, I suddenly found myself in the midsts of loud music, vendors shouting ‘aqua, aqua!’, fruit and coffee sellers, guys trying to get me to their restaurant for lunch – and I felt at home! Suddenly I felt like I’m back in the country I love.

What for many is a nuisance and noise, for me, is local folklore that screams energy that cannot be felt nor duplicated anywhere else. And this type of folklore is most prominent on the coast.


I have just finished my Santa Marta article, and as I was going through the photos and editing, I felt enormous nostalgia. I wanted to leave everything and run back!

But my time on the Colombian coast is over. I was very tempted to come back, but I won’t be able to. I am moving down south tomorrow toward Eje Cafetero (Colombian Coffee Region), and I am pretty excited. After this, it will be a week in Bogota and my flight to ….. Is awaiting.

I am running out of travel money, so Im relentlessly looking for volunteering opportunities in my new destination. If I won’t succeed, I might have to come back to Europe very soon. For winter. And this thought fills me with additional energy and desperation. I just need to find a way to stay here a little bit longer! I will! Watch me!

It was raining in Medellin every day since I arrived. This city of eternal spring wasn’t too kind to me. I had to change hostels three times as some had no rooms, although on bookings site it did, or they were in a different building with entirely different or wrong amenities. On a positive note, I always managed to find something better at the pretty last minute. So I am yet to be homeless lol

For now, I will run to get some food before it rains again, and it will, and next time I will be writing one of those posts, I will be packing for my flight. Where to? You ill find out soon!


Update: As I’m publishing this post after I have left Medellin, I must say that Eje Cafetero is amazing, and I will be writing posts about this area soon! I am happy I left the city. The nature and biodiversity of this country are absolutely spectacular. But about this – in the next bite.

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