18 Most Legendary of the best Hostels in Colombia (2022 Edition)

Most Legendary Hostels in Colombia / Best hostels in Colombia

The only list you will ever need to find the best hostels in Colombia all travellers are raving about. If you want to choose well and meet other travellers while staying in the most amazing hostels, read on!

The hostel scene in Colombia is awesome. Some of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in were in Colombia. Perhaps, as Colombia becomes one of the most backpacker-friendly countries in South America (and they worked really hard for it), the hostel owners have followed suit and do their best to attract all these growing numbers of backpackers. Nevertheless, and whatever it is, it works.

Colombians also know how to party, how to chill, have a good time and truly appreciate the surrounding nature.

Put all this together and you have found the perfect recipe for a great backpacking scene and some of the best and most affordable hostels in the world.

What I have learned throughout the years of solo travel is that a great way to enhance your solo travel experience is to stay in places where you can meet other travelers. Others just like you, your tribe, restless souls. And what’s a better place to do that than a hostel?

Without further ado, let me list for you all the legendary of the best hostels in Colombia. Those are the best hostels in Colombia that travellers are raving about, and often are the destination in themselves.

Those lively, cool places where you can meet fellow travellers, stunning jungle lodges surrounded by nature and places where you can do some work while travelling.

Lets go!

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Cranky Croc Hostel Bogota / Best Hostels in Colombia

Probably the most popular hostel in Bogota’s La Candelaria district if not in Bogota altogether. So much so that not only those who stay there enjoy spending time in this hostel, but you will see many folks just popping in to book experiences, hang around and socialise.

Cranky Crock regularly hosts social events, bar crawls, or other tours and experiences. It’s a lovely hostel offering both dorms and private rooms.

Best for: Socialising, tours and experiences
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: No
What’s great: Great location and atmosphere, very social, close to cultural attractions
What’s not so great: Breakfast not included

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

Masaya Bogota / Best Hostels in Colombia

Converted from a colonial building, Masaya Bogotá is an impressive hostel with a typical Colombian decor and has my favorite type of dormitories – capsules! Those give you a lot of privacy and I always try to find a hostel with these type of dorm beds.

It’s a large hostel with 3 patios giving plenty of space for socializing, which includes a cool patio with hammocks and a communal kitchen. There’s plenty of room to chill, but also to get some work done. The hostel also arranges plenty of social and cultural events, tours and excursions.

Best for: Solo travellers, socialising but also getting some work done, chilling 
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: No
Pros: Beautiful hostel with great atmosphere, social and close to cultural attractions, great dorm beds
Cons: Breakfast not included, but served on-site, WiFi not always reaching the dorms

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

Black Sheep Medellin / Best Hostels in Colombia

If you are looking to make friends, meet other travellers with whom you can party or even continue travelling, Black Sheep is your place. Apart from being very affordable which includes the private rooms, Back Sheep offers a great location, a kitchen, both dorms and privates as well as a 24-hour reception. Black Sheep is one of the most popular hostels in Medellín.

Black Sheep is also a great hostel for digital nomads with excellent, wifi and great common areas full of cosy sofas and hammocks.

Best for:  Solo backpackers looking to meet other travellers,  the private rooms are great for digital nomads
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: No
Pros:  Very friendly staff, great atmosphere, very social, Netflix room, terrace
Cons:  As with many social hostels in El Poblado, don’t expect the tranquillity.

Los Patios Hostal Boutique Medellin / Best Hostels in Colombia

Los Patios, in the opinion of many travellers, is the best hostel in Medellin. It is a beautifully decorated hostel in El Poblado, with each floor representing a different region of Colombia. There is a great rooftop terrace and plenty of space to chill.

Los Patios offers dormitories and private rooms, a communal kitchen, and quite a few free activities like salsa or Spanish lessons. It is conveniently located and, to be honest, probably the best hostel in the city for solo travellers.

Los Patios is also ideal for digital nomads with great wifi, coworking space, and did I mention the rooftop pool?

Best for:  Meeting people as a solo traveler, digital nomads, activities
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: No
Pros:  Beautiful building, roof terrace with pool, great dorm beds, in-hostel activities
Cons: Can get noise, its El Poblado after all

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

La Brisa Loca Santa Marta / Best Hostels in Colombia

La Brisa Loca is definitely the best party hostel in Santa Marta. On the weekend they host the best parties in town on their rooftop and receive visitors from outside.

But apart from this, it’s a great hostel. I spent 10 days in the neighbouring Flamingo, which is connected via a rooftop terrace and had an amazing time. The hostel is cute, the staff is very friendly and the prices are very reasonable. I have made lifetime friends in this hostel.

It’s very reasonably priced, located a 5-minute walk from Parque de Los Novios and even has a pool downstairs. And if you like the idea of La Brisa Loca but need a good coworking space too, you can stay in Flamingo instead and have the best of both worlds (read about Flamingo below).

Best for:  Solo backpackers looking to meet other travellers, best party hostel in town
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: No, but there’s free coffee
Pros: Great atmosphere, the best party in town on the weekend, awesome roof terrace and downstairs pool
Cons: When I was there, the showers were hot inside and water pressure was really poor, gets pretty noisy on the weekend

Best hostels in Colombia

Flamingo Coworking and Hostel Santa Marta / Best Hostels in Colombia

Flamingo was a home away from home. I had everything I needed. At the time I rented a private room because I needed more time to work and I got a good rate for a longer stay. The coworking space was excellent (including the communal and private space). The room was small but comfortable, and the staff were super friendly. Flamingo has a great roof terrace connected to the terrace of La Brisa Loca, and if you want to let your hair down on the weekend – it’s the place for you!

Flamingo itself hasn’t got a restaurant, but you can use La Brisa restaurant where the breakfast is also served. Apart from me, there were many digital nomads staying there for an extended period of time.

The location is spot on too.

But please note that neighboring La Brisa Loca is a party/club hostel. Weekends get noisy and you can hear it in some rooms in Flamingo or terrace in unavailable for quiet evenings on the weekend. It didn’t bother me at all (it was a bonus for me) but if you think this is something that could bother you, it’s not a hostel for you.

Best for: Digital nomads wanting to stay in lively hostel and make friends
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included:  With some private rooms
Pros:  Great coworking space, roof terrace, great service and good restaurant
Cons: Gets very noisy on the weekend

Best hostels in Colombia
Best hostels in Colombia

Life Is Good Cartagena Hostel / Best Hostels in Colombia

Everyone is raving about this place. So much so, that if you want to stay in one of their dormitory rooms, you have to book well in advance!

It is definitely not the cheapest option in town, but you get a lot for your money. Three different options for breakfast each morning, free water and coffee all day and even biscuits or cakes at times. There is also a great rooftop terrace with a bar and jacuzzis. If you want to chill, this is one of the few hostels in Cartagena that you can do just that.

And although it feels more like a hotel with dorms and one would think it could be hard to socialise, the hostel has a great vibe and atmosphere and meeting people isn’t a problem.

Best for: A bit of a luxury backpacker style,
Price: $$$
Kitchen: Somewhat
Breakfast included: Yes, and it’s great! Also coffee and iced water all day.
Pros: Super-chilled, comfy place in the best part of Cartagena. Great breakfast and super friendly staff
Cons: On a pricier side, the only real chill out and meeting space in on the roof terrace

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

Casa Movida Cartagena / Best Hostels in Colombia

I stayed at Casa Movida and I really enjoyed the dorm beds and the hostel is really great. One of the best hostels in Cartagena.

Located in the heart of Cartagena walled city Casa Movida offers free breakfast, spacious dormitories, a swimming pool and a rooftop terrace with a bar that is very popular in the evenings.

At the time of my stay, there was limited space for work, but they have since heard people’s opinions and added additional working space. This is what makes a good hostel. People.

The staff were very kind and accommodating. I hate top bunks and they were super nice to move me to another room where I could have a bottom bed. I really enjoyed the breakfast too. I would only say that there isn’t enough communal space, so if you won’t make friends in the dorm, it will be hard otherwise.

Best for: Backpackers looking for a great location and super comfy beds
Price: $$
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: Yes
Pros: Beautiful building with pool and cool rooftop terrace, bar and restaurant, very spacious and comfy dorm beds
Cons: Not a lot of communal space, gets noisy at night

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

Costeno Beach Hostel / Best Hostels in Colombia

Costeno hostel is undoubtedly one of the most famous hostels in Colombia.

Costeno Beach Hostel is basically a beach resort made for backpackers. It’s so much so that many people come to this hostel literally just for the hostel.

Located on the beach, just an hour away from Santa Marta and half an hour from Tayrona, Costano offers both dorms and privates with a true jungle feel, an outdoor gym, pool and pretty good wifi for this part of Colombia.

There is no shared kitchen, but where would you buy your groceries anyway?

There is not much to do around the hostel apart from walking down the beach and discovering other hostels or taking a walk to tranquil Mendihuaca; but who would complain. You will have everything you need at Costeno for a few days of relaxation. Great surfing beach, very decent size pool, restaurant and bar with happy hour, coworking space in the garden and some of the best parties on the Colombian coast.

You can take a surf lesson, practice yoga or just chill by the bar. Not bad at all!

A friend of mine volunteered in this hostel, so you can try that too. Not a bad location for a month’s stop. I personally stayed in one of the Mendicauca’s, eco-hostels, but popped into Costeno a couple of times for their wifi and some lush lunch.

Best for: Getting away from the city and chilling by the beach while making friends
Price: $
Kitchen: No
Breakfast included: Yes
Pros: The surroundings, beach, pool, it’s a destination hostel
Cons: Not much around, but who would complain, not the cheapest

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia
Best hostels in Colombia

Rio Hostel Buritaca / Best Hostels in Colombia

Rio Hostel is a true jungle retreat for backpackers but also for digital nomads. It is also a great base for the Tayrona Park trip.

Nestled in the Colombian jungle, this hostel has a private river beach, a riverside bar and a sundeck. It is also a very social hostel and every Saturday they throw a great party.

To get there, you need to get a moto-taxi, which is a part of the adventure. Once you arrive you can laze the day away in the jungle surroundings, in the hammock or by the river, take yoga classes or enjoy river tubing, and if you want to give back to the local communities you can also volunteer with El Rio Foundation, of which Rio Hostel is home. They also have an outdoor coworking space!

It’s definitely one of the best hostels in Colombia.

Best for Social backpackers and digital nomads looking for a jungle retreat at a backpacker price range-ish
Price: $
Kitchen: No. There is a restaurant on site but not much else around.
Breakfast included: No
Pros: The surroundings. Great vibe, awesome Saturday parties.
Cons: It gets pricy once you add food and drinks. Worth it, though, according to many travellers.

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

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Journey Hostel Tayrona / Best Hostels in Colombia

Journey Hostel Tayrona is another great hostel to choose from if you are planning on visiting Tayrona Park. It is very conveniently located only 1km from the main entrance (2 minutes bus ride or 20 min walk) and offers an incredible infinity pool with spectacular views.

It is definitely one of the most popular choices for those who travel to Tayrona; therefore it is a good social hostel as well. Not party hostels, but a great place to make friends over a beer and a view. My favourite type!

It offers stunning jungle-style rooms as well as dormitories, a large dining area and loads of chill space. You will get free filtered water, granola with fruit in the morning and of course, access to one of the best hostel pools in Colombia!

Best for Social backpackers visiting Tayrona Park
Price: $$
Kitchen: No, but there is a restaurant on site offering great food at very reasonable price.
Breakfast included: Kind of (granola with fruit)
Pros: The surroundings. Great vibe, awesome Saturday parties.
Cons: You automatically get signed up for evening family dinner, which is added to your bill. No other choices for food around, but if you don’t want it, make sure you opt-out.

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

Money-Saving tip: There are roadside bars and local restaurants along the Caribbean Road (Troncal de Caribe) which leads from Santa Marta to Palomino. If you really want to save money and don’t mind taking a bit of a walk, near towns like Buritaka or Los Naranjos you can find cheap roast chicken or Colombian sausages for a fraction of the money you would pay at the hostel. You’d have to eat before the down, though, in case you’d have to take a moto-taxi or walk through the jungle to your hostel. Don’t walk in the jungle after dark!

Viajero Tayrona / Best Hostels in Colombia

Viajero Hostel is a party destination hostel on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. I even met people who travelled from Palomino to Viajero on Saturday just for their party.

Apart from this, it is a beautiful jungle hostel right on the beach (private!!) offering both privates and dorms, a swimming pool as well as a great vibe and excellent food. The price, unfortunately, reflects the quality, but I say it’s definitely worth it!

Best for Social backpackers visiting Tayrona Park and looking for the best party on Colombian coast.
Price: $$$
Kitchen: No, but there is a restaurant on site.
Breakfast included: With private rooms only.
Pros: The party! Private beach and stunning location.
Cons: If you want tranquility, not the best choice, it’s a party hostel after all. Quite expensive.

Full List of Most Epic Hostels in Colombia

Casas Viejas Minca / Best Hostels in Colombia

This is it, the creme de la creme of the best hostels in Colombia!

Everyone I met told me I had to stay in Casas Viejas. It’s not my thing to stay far from the town and be limited to hostel catering and a bar, but I just had to try. And that was the best decision! Casas Viejas in Minca is just special.

The views are spectacular and the sunsets are to die for! I really liked the dorm rooms as there were no bank beds (win!) and there was plenty of outside space to chill and work. The food was super good too!

Wifi is pretty good as well as they really focus on bringing digital nomads in.

It’s an adventure to get there (you have to take a moto-taxi from town) but this place is so chilled that you could stay for days and not miss the civilization.

Oh, and of course – the infinity pool with the view!

Best for: Those looking to chill in the mountains and enjoy the swimming pool with the view
Price: $
Kitchen: No
Breakfast included: No
Pros: The views! Very friendly staff, great facilities and surrounding nature
Cons: Bunks are cheap but can get pricy once you added food and drinks. A bit far from Minca town.

Best hostels in Colombia

Casa Loma Minca / Best Hostels in Colombia

Another legendary hostel in Minca. A little closer to the town, yet not the easiest to get to due to the hill you need to conquer. But it’s so worth it!

It’s a great social hostel, great for meeting other travelers and offering incredible views. There is a restaurant on-site where you can get reasonably priced and very delicious meals.

Most visitors say that Casa Loma just feels like home. The staff is great and you can take part in yoga classes or other activities organized each evening. Without a doubt, one of the best hostels in Colombia!

Best for: Backpackers looking for home away from home in Minca and great views
Price: $
Kitchen: No
Breakfast included: No
Pros: Very friendly staff, awesome food, great facilities and the views
Cons: WiFi isn’t the best, but no one goes there for that anyway

Most Legendary Hostels in Colombia / Best hostels in Colombia

Beach House Hostel Rincon del Mar / Best Hostels in Colombia

You will not find this hostel in any of the “best hostels in Colombia” posts and you will not even find Rincon del Mar on many Colombia itineraries.

But in my opinion, Rincon del Mar is one of the best beach towns in Colombia and the Beach House Hostel is one of the best two hostels there.

Its massive dorm room (no bunk beds!) is located on the top floor terrace and offers spectacular ocean views. You can wake up to the sunrise view and literally walk out of the hostel straight to the sea! They also have private rooms for a fairly good price.

The kitchen was one of the best-equipped kitchens I have experienced in a hostel, and I cooked there a lot. Great place to make friends too!

Best for Budget backpackers and beach bums
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: No
Pros: Awesome dorm room with a view, right on the beach, great kitchen
Cons: WiFi isn’t the best

Most Legendary Hostels in Colombia / Best hostels in Colombia / Essential solo travel tips and hacks for solo travel and backpacking/guide to solo travel Travellers and backpackers guide to solo travel

Dos Aguas Lodge Rincon del Mar / Best Hostels in Colombia

Dos Aguas Eco Lodge in Rincon is so popular that you will have to book a few months in advance to get in. But trust me, it’s so worth it!

Not your typical hostel because they only offer private rooms, but I just couldn’t leave it out of this list.

Dos Aguas Lodge is a sustainable and beautiful property located right on the beach . It has been built using sustainable resources, with the surrounding nature and local community in mind.

Best for: Sustainable beach retreat
Price: $$$
Kitchen: No
Breakfast included: No
Pros: Stunning eco-lodge, sustainable and located on a beautiful beach
Cons: Need to be booked far in advance, expensive

Most Legendary Hostels in Colombia / Best hostels in Colombia

Casa del Pavo Real Palomino / Best Hostels in Colombia

Casa del Pavo Real in Palomino is another one of the destination hostels. Although Palomino in itself is a great beach destination, Casa del Pavo Real could be visited even if you had no plans for river tubing or surfing in Palomino.

Its a great hostel with awesome pool which feels a bit like a hotel yet attracts travelers and backpackers so it’s very easy to make friends here.

Its only 5 minutes away from the beach but not on a main road, so it can be pretty chilled. Breakfast is included in the price, which is an added bonus!

Best for: Backpackers and travelers looking to relax by the pool
Price: $
Kitchen: Yes
Breakfast included: Yes
Pros: Great pool, close to the beach
Cons: Some travellers complain about lack of hot water in the shower (for real??)

Bona Vida La Quinta Riohacha / Best Hostels in Colombia

This is a great hostel to stay in if you are planning a trip to Cabo de la Vela.

I wasn’t expecting much from a hostel in Riohacha and was very much surprised! It’s a great hostel with awesome and very comfy dorm beds, a swimming pool, a very cute terrace and a yummy breakfast!

If you are staying in Riohacha – this is without a doubt your best option. 

Most Legendary Hostels in Colombia / Best hostels in Colombia
Most Legendary Hostels in Colombia / Best hostels in Colombia

Masaya Hostel San Agustin / Best Hostels in Colombia

And finally, for the ultimate nature retreat, there is Masaya Hostel in San Agustin. 

This hostel is spectacular. 

Given the location in the San Agustin jungle (but only 30 minutes walk to town), the views over the hills, bird watching without leaving the hotel and the beautiful deco in the form of rustic huts – this place is just magical!

let’s be honest – Masaya seems to be doing really well with the majority of their hostels, and San Agustin is one of their best ones. 

Best for: Relaxing surrounded by the nature, magical retreat
Price: $$
Kitchen: No
Breakfast included: Optional
Pros: Incredible location, magical feel, excellent dorm rooms
Cons: Very spread out so lacks the ‘hostel feel’

Most Legendary Hostels in Colombia / Best hostels in Colombia

Are hostels in Colombia affordable

Colombia has an incredible hostel scene and hostels in Colombia are some of the most affordable in South America.

You can easily find a great and comfortable dorm bed in a stunning hostel for under $10 per night. Of course, you will find more expensive hostels throughout the country which will also depend on the location but if you are a budget traveler you will be amazed how far your money goes when it comes to staying in hostels in Colombia.

Are hostels in Colombia safe

Hostels in Colombia are very safe. In cities and bigger towns, you will always have 24/7 reception and doors will close at a certain time. Most of the time strangers are not allowed.

I always felt very safe in every hostel I stayed in, in Colombia. 

Did I miss anything? Did you stay in an epic hostel and you would like to share?

Please comment below and share your experience with us! And if you stayed in any of the mentioned hostels and would like to add something, please do! I will look forward to your comments.

Until then, stay free and happy starvellig!

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