5 Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare (And Some More)

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

If you are wondering which are the most spectacular beaches near Himare, look no further. In this post, I will list five of my favourite beaches near Himare and a few more… because the list of Himare beaches is almost endless!

I was really looking forward to visiting Himare and exploring all the beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera. Himare has been touted to me on many occasions as the best place in Albania for a beach trip and I was very excited to explore the best of Himare beaches.

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

But why Himare? Surely there are many other beautiful coastal towns and resorts in Albania that offer great beaches!

Yes, there are! With places like Dhermi, Borsch or Ksamil leading the way. However, what makes Himare special is that not only are there some great beaches within the town but if you are willing to drive or rent a scooter or quad, you can experience some of the most beautiful beaches not only in Albania but in the entire Balkans!

The town of Himare is pretty charming as well. Although it has transformed, like many other towns in Albania, into a busy, bustling resort town (especially in the summer), it is a lovely town to stay, relax and enjoy a whole range of great restaurants, bars and cafes.

Himare is still, given its popularity, pretty affordable. You can find very affordable accommodation and eat very well for a very good price in Himare.

So if you are ready to experience the best Himare beaches, here is the list of my favourite picks out of all the beautiful beaches near Himare. 

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Gjipe Beach

Although Gjipe Beach is the furthest from Himare of all the beaches on this list, it is my favourite and well worth the long way to get there!

Gjipe Beach is not only the most beautiful of all Himare beaches but probably the most beautiful beach in Albania.

The water is crystal clear, and although the place is gaining in popularity it has retained its remote feeling. I dreamed of visiting Gjipe Beach ever since I first read about it, and I was not disappointed. It was definitely my favourite beach in Himare!

You can easily spend a whole day at this beach. And if you feel like it, you can even camp there overnight. There are a few bars/restaurants on the beach, but most visitors brought their own food, including BBQs and tents!

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

How to get to Gjipe Beach:

You can get to Gjipe beach by both land and sea from Himare and also from Dhermi. There are no busses heading towards Gjipe Beach, but you can always hitchhike, which is quite common and safe in Albania.

If you would like to reach Gjipe Beach by sea, there are numerous tours and transportation options from Himare if you want to reach Gjipe beach by boat. The most popular tourist office Himara Seas the Day is located right in the center of the town but you will find many more just as you walk around the town.

The most popular way of getting to Gjipe Beach is by car. You have to be aware though that you cannot drive all the way. You will have to park the car at the top of the hill (€3 for the day)and walk down for around 25 minutes (average) to reach the beach. It takes around 40 minutes to get to Gjipe Beach from Himare by car.

Trust me it is so worth it!

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Jale Beach

Jale Beach is my second favourite of all the Himare beaches and it is definitely a beach that keeps on giving!

Jale is not only one of the best beaches in Himare but also a great place to spend a day or even several days! Around Jale Beach, there are a few hotels and also quite a few campgrounds. I also noticed a lot of campers and RVs parked around there too!

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

The beach is beautiful, and the water here was the clearest of all the Himare beaches I visited. I just could not leave the water! The deck chairs were also quite affordable and it was the only Himare beach where we rented a lounger and umbrella.

There are tonnes of facilities at Jale Beach in Himare. From a couple of really good beach bars and restaurants to a small souvenir market, small stores and even an ATM machine. Jale Beach is definitely a destination in itself.

An added bonus is that you can take a short hike from Jale Beach to another beautiful beach in Himare – Aquarium Bay!

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

How to get to Jale Beach from Himare:

The best way to get to Jale Beach from Himare is by car, the drive takes about 15 minutes. Parking for one day costs 500Lek ( €5 ).

You can also hike to Jale Beach from Livadhi Beach, which is also within walking distance from Himare! Livadhi is not on this list (not my favourite), but you can make a great hiking day out of it! If I didn’t have a car at the time, I would definitely do this!

If you visit Jale Beach, you cannot miss Aquarium Bay!

Where to stay in Himare

There is a very healthy amount of wonderful accommodation options in Himare that will suit every budget and travel style. From iconic affordable hostels to luxury villas and hotels, you will find what you need in Himare.

If you are a budget traveller and still want to have access to some of the best beaches in Albania, Himare can be pretty affordable and home to some great hostels. Sun Bakers Hostel is a great hostel that made it to the list of best hostels in the Balkans. This beach hostel has very spacious dorm rooms and a beautiful garden! 

Himara Downtown Hostel is a bit pricier but it’s still worth checking out. It is located in the heart of the town, very close to all the Himare beaches, the price includes breakfast and travellers are raving about it!

If you prefer an affordable private room I suggest you stay at one of the homestays in Himare where you can find a great room for as little as $21. Guest House Solive is a great example! For $25 to $30 you can find a studio or a small apartment like this Sea Breeze Rooms apartment or studio in Villa Xani

I  had a friend visiting me for a few days and we stayed at Meniko’s House which was perfect! The location was unbeatable, the bed was super comfy, views to die for and Maria the owner was the nicest person ever!

Finally, if you are after a more luxurious stay in Himare you will not be disappointed either. Tzavelitiko Home is just stunning and ARXONTIKO is located right on Spille Beach. 

Vila Milo has beautifully decorated rooms, a swimming pool and a garden and if you prefer to stay at the resort or hotel, then you should check out Sea View Hotel.

Aquarium Bay

Aquarium Bay is a small but very picturesque bay great for a more intimate swim and wonderful for snorkelling! I saw some brave people having fun rock jumping there.

The water is super clear and there are some cool caves and hidden nooks you could swim around. Since it’s a small beach, there may be limited space to put your towel down in high season, so I recommend coming early in the morning.

Aquarium Bay Beach is within walking distance of either Jale Beach or Livadhi Beach.

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

How to get to Aquarium Bay:

Aquarium Bay Beach is accessible on foot from either Jale Beach or Livadhi Beach. It takes around 15 minutes to get to Aquarium Bay from Jale Beach and 30 minutes from Livadhi.

If you arrive at Jale Beach by car, you could also drive towards Aquarium Bay and park around 5 5-minute walk away from the beach. This is also where I have seen the largest amount of RVs and Campers. What a great place for camping!

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

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Llamani Beach

Llamani Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Himare, and for good reason. It was the first beach we decided to visit, and when we arrived (around noon), we learned that there was no more space to park the car! So be sure to arrive early!

We went to the nearby Palermo beach and returned around 3 p.m. when many locals went to lunch.

Llamani Beach is definitely one of the best beaches near Himare, and if you only visit this one beach, you will not be disappointed. Although it is a pebble beach, we didn’t hire the lounders. The pebble is quite fine and it was comfortable to lie on the towel. The water is glorious!

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

There are a few beach bars where you can order a cocktail or a meal, you can rent a paddleboard or a kayak.

Important tip: If you stay at Mumbas Beach Club, you do not pay for the parking, but you have to pay for the sunbeds and you can not consume your own food and drinks.

We stayed a little further out, did not rent sunbeds, but had to pay 1000Lek (€10) for the car park. We did, however, bring our own lunch, so all in all, it was an affordable beach day. To avoid the hassle, don’t walk through the main beach club entrance, just the side path and head straight to the end of the beach.

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

How to get to Llamani Beach:

Llamani Beach is only around a 10-minute drive away from Himare. You can get there by car but you can also rent a scooter or a quad in town. 

Prinos Beach

This is one of the 3 city beaches in Himare, and in my opinion it is the nicest. Although it is very busy in summer as it is close to many resorts and hotels, it is especially beautiful in the evening or at sunset.

It offers excellent facilities with sunbeds and umbrellas, showers and a whole range of very cool beach bars! I spent my last evening in Himare on this beach and had a wonderful evening!

It is also a great beach for a morning dip (as is another beach nearby – Sfageio) as the water is calm, super clear and of the perfect turquoise colour in the morning!

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare BeachesMost Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

There are 3 public beaches in the centre of Himare, all quite beautiful, but Prinos beach was my favourite beach in Himare.

But to be frank, whichever of the Himare beaches you choose, you will love it! Himare is a perfect beach town boasting beaches with crystal clear waters.

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Honourable Mentions / Best Himare Beaches

Ok, I couldn’t just stop here. If you have more time in Himare and want to explore more, there are a few more beaches near Himare that are worth visiting. I told you Himare is a beach lovers paradise!

Palermo Beach

This Himare beach definitely has more of the local feel. My friend and I made a short stop here when we couldn’t find a parking space at Llamani Beach, and it was a really nice find.

It’s a small, double-sided beach just before the main Porto Palermo beach and has great views and even a castle as an added bonus! The view from the castle are awesome!

Very local, without lines of sun loungers and umbrellas, Palermo Beach is a great alternative if you are not keen on resort-like beaches. The water was very clear and of excellent temperature, perfect for swimming!

We were not impressed with the restaurants there. We really wanted to eat there because the menu looked good and the setting was beautiful, but we were never served and just left after 15 minutes. They seemed overwhelmed though, so I hope it was just a one-off.

Parking at Palermo Beach was free, if a bit wild. However given it is not the most popular beach in the area we found a spot after a couple of minutes, even during the peak hours of the day.

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

Borsh Beach

Borsh is one beach on this list that I was unable to visit, but I have heard many great things about it. Although Borsh is the farthest from Himare, I have heard people singing songs about this place, so if you get the chance, you should definitely visit Borsh Beach.

Borsh is one of the biggest beaches on the Albanian Riviera and is very popular with locals, tourists and camping amateurs. There are even a few official campsites on the beach. Don’t be discouraged if you find the beach crowded near the entrance. It’s a large 7km long, beach so just wander further down and you’re sure to find a quiet spot.

I’ve listed Borsh as one of the best beaches near Himare, but you can actually stay in Borsh as it’s a small town however with not many facilities.

Sfageio Beach

I have already mentioned Sfageio beach as it is one of the main beaches in the centre of Himare. It is a very pretty beach, but due to its central location, it is quite crowded in high season.

Sfageio Beach extends towards Himare promenade where you will find several bars, restaurants, shops and plenty of entertainment. 

I walked past this beach a couple of times early in the morning and it looked stunning so I suggest taking an early swim there for the best views and no crowds!

Most Beautiful Beaches Near Himare / Best Himare Beaches

Heading to the North of Albania next?

If you are visiting Shkoder, be sure to read my complete guide to all the wonderful things to do in Shkoder. And if you are planning a visit to Theth and hiking the Albanian Alps I have you covered too!

Packing Essentials and Important Tips for Visiting Himare Beaches

  • All the best beaches near Himare as well as in the center of Himara are pebble beaches. On some the pebbles are larger and more uncomfortable to walk on, on others they are so fine that you can comfortably lie on them with a towel and be comfy.

I highly recommend getting water shoes. I bought mine in Himare, but you can also order them online before your trip. Unless you have tough feet, you will find them especially useful. I even hiked in them to Gjipe beach and biked to some beaches in Vlore. It is a worthwhile purchase.

  • Pack your snorkel! Some of the best beaches in Himare, as well as many other beaches on the Albanian Riviera, are great for snorkelling. Especially Aquarium Bay and Porto Palermo.
  • There are a few larger supermarkets in Himare where you can buy some basic groceries. But do not expect shopping malls or larger clothing stores. Plenty of souvenir stores, jewellery stalls and beach supplies.
  • If you are planning a boating trip, consider getting a dry bag. This is a purchase that will keep on giving and you will use it again and again.
  • Tap water is not potable on the coast of Albania. Take a refillable water bottle with you. If you don’t fancy filtering your water, I recommend getting one big 7l plastic bottle in the supermarket. It will you much longer.
  • If you want to save money on lunch, stop by my favourite bakery Furre Himare, which has an incredible selection of bureks and savoury pastries, and pack them for your beach day.
  • Two of my favourite restaurants in Himare are Hercules and Himare 28, I ate at Hercules twice, it was that good. And the service was the best I experienced in all of Albania.
  • If you don’t have a car and do not want to rent a scooter or quad, you still have plenty of beaches to choose from within Himare town. There are some travel agencies spread around the town where you can book a nice boat tour, and hitchhiking is perfectly safe in Albania, so you can try that too!

Himare is one of the best towns to visit if you want to enjoy spectacular beaches. I hope you found this guide to the best beaches near Himare helpful. Let me know what your favourite beach was!

Until then, enjoy Albania, and happy travels!

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