8 Great Things to do in Funchal When it Rains
04 April 2021
Funchal is a fascinating city and there is always lots of things to do regardless of the weather. In this article, you will find all the great things to do in Funchal when it rains - my favourite...
Funchal Old Town and Inspiring Story of its Painted Doors
26 March 2021
Funchal Old Town Painted Doors on Rua de Santa Maria have a great story behind it. Here is why you should experience it during your travels to Madeira. Funchal Old Town (Zona Velha) is not exactly...
10 Awesome Things to do in Machico, Madeira
21 March 2021
Machico, Madeira's second-largest city, is a coastal beach resort nestled within lush mountains and natural wonders. Located in the Eastern part of Madeira, Machico is home to one of the very few...
Visit Monte Palace Tropical Garden in Funchal and Step into the Fairy Tale
12 March 2021
Monte Palace Tropical Garden in Funchal is at the top of must-see attractions in Madeira's capital city. And as much as I am a big propagator of going off the beaten track, I will say that trip to Monte...
The Truth about Living in Malta /All the pros and cons
21 February 2021
A comprehensive guide, aiming at those considering moving to Malta. All the pros and cons and real ex-pats opinions. The truth about living in Malta. There is a big difference between travelling...
Ronda, Spain - A Hidden Gem of Andalusia.
14 January 2021
There is no other town like this in Spain. Although you will find many charming whitewashed villages across the country, yet there is no other town that would combine a charm of the traditional Spanish...
Malta - a great solo travel destination. All you need to know plus 7 days budget itinerary.
05 December 2020
Travelling solo in Malta on a budget
Best Things to do in Katowice (Poland) / And why you should visit in the first place
13 October 2020
There are many reasons why you should visit Katowice on your next vacation to Poland. Underrated for decades, the city is not only becoming one of the coolest cities in Poland but also has a fascinating...
A New and Better Way to Visit Comino Malta
20 August 2020
Are you tired of crowded party cruises and looking for a better way to visit Comino in Malta? Do you want to go at the time which suits you best and come back at the sunset without rushing around? You...
Tarifa - the coolest town in Southern Spain, not only for kite surfers
13 July 2020
Tarifa, the most Southern located town in the Spanish region of Andalucia is well known amongst kite and windsurfers and it's actually called a ‘Wind Capital of Europe’. But there is so much more to do...
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