Most Iconic of the Best Hostels in Albania

Most Iconic of the Best Hostels in the Albania

So you are backpacking across the Balkans and heading to Albania? Great idea! If you want to stay in the most iconic of the best hostels in Albania, you are in luck! I have a comprehensive list of the best hostels in Albania for you! By staying in any of those Albania hostels you will guarantee yourself the best travel experience. Because hostels are awesome and Albania is incredible!

When travelling as a backpacker or solo traveller for an extended period of time, it is crucial to stay in a good social hostel. This way you get to know other travellers, make friends and of course, save a lot of money.

Although Albania is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, accommodation prices are rising, so staying in a hostel can save you quite a lot of coins.

But putting savings aside, staying in hostels is just so awesome! And even I, as a more ‘mature’ traveller, vouch for staying in hostels. I have made great friends, had some super fun days and nights, and felt like I was home more often than not in hostels.

Albania is an absolutely wonderful country, packed with great landscapes, stunning beaches, incredible mountains, super delicious food and the most hospitable people.

Now, I guess you want to make the most of your Albania backpacking adventure. That’s why I have compiled a list of the most iconic of the best hostels in Albania. These are the hostels that everyone is talking about and all travellers are heading to

Mi Casa es Tu Casa - Shkoder

This is my absolute favourite hostel in Albania. It’s a wonderful hostel with a history, run with love by Alma. The vibe of the hostel is wonderful, and so is the eclectic decor. This hostel also attracts incredible travellers. I’ve noticed that there are just some hostels like this.

Mi Casa es Tu Casa is built within a historical house located in the centre of Shkoder and offers not only well-priced and clean rooms but also a family kitchen where several people can cook and feel at home, as well as beautiful common areas.

Here you can purchase your tickets for Valbone and Theth and get recommendations for the best guesthouses. You can also buy tickets for the Shala River Tour.

This hostel is magical, sustainable, peaceful, tucked away, yet centrally located – a perfect hostel for hikers and travellers in Albania.

Hostel Rating: 9.2

Dorm bed price from: $14

Privates price from: $36

Best Hostels in the Albania

Wanderers Hostel - Shkoder

Wanderers Hostel is definitely the most popular hostel in Shkoder and often makes it to the top 3 of the best hostels in Albania. Basically, this hostel is a legend. Hence this is where the travellers to Shkodra meet and where most of them depart on the way to the Albanian Alps.

If you are planning on doing the Theth to Valbone hike and looking for a hostel where you will meet fellow hikers and where you will get all the logistics sorted – this is your place.

It is also a great social hostel, located in the lively part of the town so you will not be bored there, for sure! To top it off it has 2 large gardens, a bar and a kitchen, great, comfortable rooms and each dorm has a socket and a lamp.

Hostel Rating: 9.6

Dorm bed price from: $16

Privates price from: $35

Most Iconic of the Best Hostels in the Albania

Red Goat Hostel - Tirana

The Red Goat is still a fairly new hostel in Tirana, just opened this year, but it is quickly making it onto the list of the best hostels in Albania.

It is an absolutely stunning hostel, run by Lora with a lot of love and purpose. The decor is very eclectic and fits the artistic vibe of Tirana. It is a wonderful place to meet other travellers and chill during your travels. You will love it there, guaranteed!

Beds have privacy curtains as well as a socket and a lamp. There are many common areas and a lovely garden that will make you forget you are in the city. I did not stay at this hostel as it was a bit out of my price range, but I did go there for a coffee as I heard rave reviews from many travellers I met in Albania. It is the best hostel in Tirana if you do not mind a slightly higher price.

Hostel Rating: 9.6

Dorm bed price from: $19

Privates price from: $48

Tirana Backpacker Hostel - Tirana

Tirana Backpacker Hostel is undoubtedly not only one of the best hostels in Tirana but also one of the best hostels in Albania. It is a beautifully yet rustically decorated hostel that perfectly fits Tirana’s vibe perfectly. It has been a favourite among travellers for a long time.

It has a great garden, plenty of social spaces, a shared kitchen, and an on-site bar. Everything a backpacker might need. Breakfast is also included. They offer a very affordable dinner as well.

Most importantly, this hostel has a great atmosphere and many returning travellers. The dorms are pretty basic, but no one comes to Tirana Backpacker because of the dorm beds. However, note that this is a vegetarian hostel and you are asked not to bring meat to the kitchen.

Hostel Rating: 9.3

Dorm bed price from: $20

Privates price from: $65

Best Hostels in the Albania

Trip'n'Hostel - Tirana

This hostel is a legend in Tirana especially among those looking for a party hostel. It is probably the liveliest hostel in Albania so if you are looking for a hostel with good social vibes, this should be your choice. 

Although amenities can be quite simple, no one comes to Trip’n’Hostel for that. The largest dorm fits 12 beds, and although it is quite comfortable, they are pretty crammed. But you will get a lot of common space, including the garden, and even plenty of room to work. If you are so inclined. 

You will get a free breakfast, AC in each room (crucial in summer), and a communal kitchen. This hostel is a bit of a marmite, you can hate it or love it, but many travellers keep coming back.

Hostel Rating: 9.4

Dorm bed price from: $14

Privates price from: $43

Hannas Hostel - Berat

This hostel in Berat is fairly new, but it’s making waves. Big waves. Hanna’s Hostel is quickly becoming the best hostel to stay in Berat, and for many even one of the best hostels in Albania.

Rafat and his family are wonderful hosts and this place really feels like home away from home. I stayed for 5 days and wanted to stay even longer! It is one of the cleanest hostels I have ever stayed in, the included breakfast is super tasty and the beds are so comfortable.

Hanna’s hostel is also very social, making it really easy to meet other travellers. The canyon tour they offer is the best value for money, trust me!

There’s a small kitchen where you can cook, each dorm room has its own bathroom, there’s plenty of space to hang out and on top of that, it’s one of the cheapest hostels in Albania!

Hostel Rating: 9.7

Dorm bed price from: $12

Privates price from: $30

Best Hostels in the Albania

Berat backpackers - Berat

Berat Backpackers has been on the list of the top 3 best hostels in Albania for a long time. It is the very first Traveller’s Hostel in Berat, housed in a beautiful 300 year old, UNESCO -protected house. Slightly losing the race against Hanna’s Hostel, it is still an iconic hostel and a destination hostel for many Albania backpackers.

The rooms are beautiful and very spacious, and the whole building is simply stunning. The beds are comfortable, each has a power socket and there are large lockers in the room. There is a great outdoor area offering stunning views. The delicious breakfast is included in the price of the room and you can choose from many tours they offer on site. It’s a pretty good place to work if you’re a digital nomad on a budget.

Hostel Rating: 9.1

Dorm bed price from: $12

Privates price from: $30

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Stone City Hostel - Gjirokaster

Gjirocaster is one of the two best backpacker destinations in Albania! And what comes with it is also home to one of the most epic hostels in Albania – Stone City Hostel. The hostel is beautiful, located in the heart of the old town of Gjirokaster and is built in a stone house – it really is one of the best, if not the best hostel in Albania.

You’ll enjoy a delicious communal style breakfast, a great roof terrace and a wonderful atmosphere. Walter, the owner, is a true legend and everyone is talking about his tour. If you’re in Gjirokaster, you have to take it! Both Walter and his wife have put a lot of heart into this place and it really shows.

This hostel is so popular that I recommend booking in advance. Many travellers I met only booked one night and couldn’t extend because they were fully booked. Stay at least 2 nights!

Hostel Rating: 9.9

Dorm bed price from: $15

Privates price from: $45

Best Hostels in Albania

Friends Hostel - Gjirokaster

If the Stone City is fully booked, don’t be sad. There’s also Friend’s Hostel in Gjirocaster, which is not falling far behind. Travellers love to stay at Friend’s Hostel, which is run by three generations of the same family and is a stunning and very clean hostel.

You get a rooftop terrace with incredible views, a great communal vibes, super comfy beds with privacy curtains and light (rare in Albania), a delicious breakfast and a bar serving homemade wine. The only thing to keep in mind is that there is no communal kitchen, but with so many great and affordable restaurants in Gjirokaster, you won’t need a kitchen to cook.

Hostel Rating: 9.5

Dorm bed price from: $12

Privates price from: $37

Vlora Backpackers Hostel - Vlore

Although Vlore isn’t exactly a backpacker’s paradise, the Vlore Backpackers Hostel makes it so. It’s a small, family-run hostel that offers a great vibe and excellent value for money.

It offers a relaxed atmosphere, a great free breakfast every morning and an outdoor bar with excellent and well-priced drinks. It’s a very social hostel, ideal for meeting other travellers.

The kitchen is quite large by hostel standards and is great for cooking your own meals. Each bed in the dorm has a power socket and some rooms have AC and others have a fan. The dorms are quite basic but comfortable. It is the excellent service and great atmosphere makes Vlore Backpackers the best hostel to stay in while in Vlore.

Hostel Rating: 9.4

Dorm bed price from: $12

Privates price from: $30

Sun Bakers Hostel - Himare

Heading to the beach and looking for the best hostels in Albania? Himare is the place to go. In my opinion, Himare is the best beach town in Albania. Himare is also the most solo or budget travellers-friendly coastal town in Albania.

And you are in luck because in Himare you will find two great hostels that travellers are raving about. The first one is the legendary Sun Bakers Hostel. It is huge and spectacular. Located in a three-floor villa with almost 3000 square meters of garden, massive dorm rooms, super comfy beds and only a few minutes walk from the beach, Sun Bakers is the best beach hostel in Albania.

You will enjoy the free breakfast, social vibe and beds with privacy curtains. Everything that a traveller needs. This is definitely one of the best hostels on the Albanian coast if you are a solo traveller looking to make friends and enjoy the sea and sun.


Hostel Rating: 9.4

Dorm bed price from: $12

Privates price from: $30

Most Iconic of the Best Hostels in the Albania

Himara Hostel - Himare

In the stone house, just slightly outside of Himare centre, you will find this beautiful family-run hostel. Himara Hostel is a chilled oasis with amazing outside spaces, hammocks, great breakfast, a big and well-equipped kitchen and all the kittens and dogs you could pet and make friends with. 

It is strictly no party hostel which doesn’t mean it isn’t social. The type of hostel I like. Where you can make friendships and sleep well at night. 

It has a bit of a hippie beach vibe so if that’s your style you have to stay there.  Dorms are simple with a fan and no AC and if you want to save some coins you can also rent a tent instead of the dorm room.

Hostel Rating: 8.9

Dorm bed price from: $13 (bus ask for a tent if you want to cheaper)

Privates price from: $43

Useful Tips for Staying and Booking Hostels in Albania

  • Albania has an array of wonderful hostels on offer and the value and quality are top-notch. Yet with tourism on the rise during the months of July and August, I recommend booking in advance for those most popular hostels in Albania. There will always be something available but if you want to stay in one of those iconic hostels, book at least 2 or 3 days in advance. 
  • Some locations and towns worth visiting in Alabania are still a bit off the beaten path and no hostels will be available. But don’t let this stop you from going. You will most likely be able to find a super cheap room in a guesthouse, which is also a great experience.
  • Many hostels in Albania don’t provide privacy curtains or reading lights by the dorm bed. It is just not the standard. But some do and it will feel like an ultimate luxury.
  • In the summer pack the mosquito spray. Mosquitos are vicious in Albania and many hostel rooms don’t have mosquito nets on the windows. You will be fighting with those little monsters all night. Just pack the repellant and thank me later. 

I hope you found this guide to the best hostels in Albania helpful! Let me know if you stayed in any of those or maybe you should I should put some other hostels on this list.

Until then, enjoy Albania and happy travelling!

Pati x

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